April 9, 2014

Review: Hidden by Meg Jensen


Author: Magg Jensen
Series: Dragonlands #1

I cannot explain how happy I am to have been recieved this book. It was beyond my expactation. I read lots and lots of diffrent fantasy books and after a while it gets a bit dull. Nothing seems interesting or impressing but this book was awesome in one word. I was travelling when I started this book and it was over in a day.
Our story begins at Hutton's Bridge where there's mist around the town that no one can leave or enter and the last living person that was alive when the mist wasn't there is on the dead bed. Aferwards we witness the happenings on the town and the adventures of Tressa who enters the mist.
Tressa is such a strong woman even though she was raised in a little community, it is a total pleasure to journey with her. . I don't approve all of her choices but I can understand her.  Each chapter leaves you wanting more.
There was no cliffhangers which is a relief because I hate them. But there were thing that left unsaid or half. To make way to a second book probably. Not that I am complaining. The characters were deep and interesting but I believe physically there could have been more descriptions and a little bit more world building would be appriciated.
Overall this was an awesomne book every fantasy lover should read.

Rating: 5/5

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