September 10, 2014

Review: Shameless by Nina Lemay

Author: Nina Lemay
Page Count: 227

Have you ever wondered what is it like to be a stripper? Or how would it be if you were dating your super hot teacher? I'm sure most of us thought not the first but probably the second one. Our book starts at the strip club where we get an inside on Hannah's thoughts. I must admit the subjects of strippers, art and photography are hard subjects to talk about because you need uncommon knowledge to write about them. As a person who knows little to nothing about the subjects I felt fulfilled.
The story was told from Hannah's point of view which made Emmanuel seem a little shallow but it went unnoticed pretty much because the other subjects filled the void. Like how it is to be a stripper how the busniess goes, how black and white pictures turn out in the sun and so on. It was definitely an exciting (like forbidden fruit exciting) and fun read. Nothing serious though. There were some reactions from Hannah that I don't relate with because you cannot leave the person you crazily like so easily believe me it is hard. But the dynamic struggles and point of view on the sex was definitely refreshing. It was not a bubble book totally. It was also about how men sees women and how women should feel about themselves. It was also about empowering in it's own story like way.
Overall it was not a cliché. If you are looking for something light but heavy enough to keep you busy it was an interesting read. I read it on the road as I travelled Europe. It didn't left an ongoing impression on me but as I was reading the book it was not one bit boring.

Rating: 3.5/5 

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