July 12, 2013

Haul: My Little Gratis Haul

My little Gratis haul
I love shopping like most of the girls. I even drag my boyfriend to cosmetic stores. Last time we went out together I dragged him to Gratis and bought some needed and unneeded but eye catcing things.

I Love Stage Eyeshadow Primer
First of all this is my first time trying eye shadow primers and I wanted something cheap to start with so I bought an Essence I <3 eyeshadow="" p="" primer.="" stage="">
Flormar M05 Nail Polish

I was also on the search for a matte blue nail polish so here it is my review on this one is on the way.

And now let's take a look at whimsical unnecessary things I bought.
Sweet Vale Blue Owl Lipgloss
This cute owl was looking at me from the side of the counter so I couldn't resist it and bought it. It's solid lip gloss in a deep compartment which makes it impossible to use it without getting underneath your nails which is awful. It's also sticky. So it will stand for a very long time I guess.

Essence Floral Grunge mini lipgloss set

And a very cute Essence lip gloss set from the Floral Grunge Series they are cute and little my review is also on the way. But just a hint it won't be a good one. ;)

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