July 3, 2013

Nail Art: Chevron Easter

Chevron Easter

Because of my internship I realized that I haven't been able to write for a while. So here I am. These last weeks were super fast and tiring because I'm not used to waking up before 7 a.m. and it sucks. Actually these pictures are really from Easter 2012 so I named it Chevron Easter. Even though we don't celebrate easter I made it with eggs and spring in my mind. I may consider doing a turtorial next time it was super easy though. If you consider that I suck at nail art. :) 

For the colours I used Golden Rose Fantastic 210 (Pastel Green), Essence colour & go 27 No More Drama (Lilac) and Alix Avien Shineplus 100 (Dark Green). Actually I really liked this mani. I couldn't take myself from looking at it. :)
Have you ever done a Chevron nail art?
Did you do it free handed?

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